Dream Hunts

Dream Hunts

I have been very fortunate to be able to travel and hunt the animals I have harvested. I started hunting at the age of 13 in South Africa.  I have hunted and harvested the most Dangerous Game in the world. Since then, I have continued to hunt all over, but I have really wanted to expand my hunting adventures here in North America. Of course, I have hunted the common whitetail, spring turkey, hogs, and other Texas Varmints, but I do have a list of dream animals that I would be so grateful to harvest in my lifetime.

1.     Moose - this is most definitely at the top of my list. They are just so big, majestic, and beautiful. To be able to see them roam in their natural habitat would be an amazing sight.

2.     Red stag in New Zealand - This rates right up there with the mighty moose. Although it is not North American, I would love to harvest this beast.  It would be my honor for my Red Stag to be displayed alongside with my dad’s. 

3.     An Elk - I know, I know… “You’ve never hunted an elk!?” but no, I have not, and that is another animal I would love to work toward and accomplish. Hiking up the mountain and putting in the miles to get an elk in mating season, while bugling, would be unimaginable.

4.     Black or Brown Bear - I have heard so many bear stories that I have been itching to go on one of these hunts.  I am an adrenaline junky and I can’t think of another challenge that would compare.  My dad harvested a bear in Siberia and I would love to follow in his footsteps.

5.     Ibex - Hunting one of these animals by spot in stalk in Spain would be very rewarding. I know there is a few different kind, but I am not picky.

This list is a very big wish list (hint hint Santa) and I would be so grateful to harvest any of these animals. There are many other species of animals I would love to harvest and try the meat, but these are just a few of my favorites. I hope to share my experiences with you guys as I continue my hunting passion throughout my life.

Happy Hunting and, as always God Bless!

Kendall Jones