Intro to Hunting

How I Was Introduced To Hunting

 So, another common question I get asked by many people is, “How did you get involved with hunting/the outdoors/the industry/etc.?”  Point blank answer is “My dad.” Without my dad, I would have never experienced the glorious outdoors! But to go more in depth of what started it all….

 As a kid my dad would always go on hunts and show me pictures of what he was hoping to bring home. He always had mounts hanging in our house so it was a normal fixture in my life. I just had never done it myself. My parents always had land, so I grew up around the ranch lifestyle. Yes, I was a girly girl, but when it came down to it, I was dads little boy too! My parents got the best of both worlds. My mom made me into her little girly girl that gets her hair and nails done, dresses up, and was a cheerleader. But my dad always included me and shaped me into a competitive participant.  I was a tom boy when it was called in to motion.  I loved my camo, fishing, sports, outdoor adventure, and everything to do with achievements. (Although, he was the biggest cheer dad there was - haha)  The most important thing my parents instilled in me is the ability to be self-efficient, absorb as much knowledge as I could about the things I was interested in, and motivation and determination equals success. 

 My dad never forced me to do anything I didn’t want to do, but he always gave me a chance and encouraged me to try new things. For instance, my first trip to Africa in 2003 my dad wanted me to practice shooting my gun before we went so I would be prepared. I just wasn’t exactly sure how I felt about it all so I told him I would wait and just watch. I’m sure as much as he hated that, he didn’t make me do it. But boy that was a mistake…… once I got over to Africa - I LOVED IT! I wanted to hunt myself but since I said I would just watch my dad didn’t bring my gun. Man, I wanted to shoot something so bad, so bad to the point where I begged him to hold the gun and I would just pull the trigger…. Talk about trigger finger lol. Watching my dad harvest the animal is not what got me hooked, it was watching each and every step he went through to get the animal. He would answer all my questions in a way I could understand it. He explained what hunting was and why we do it. He taught me things at the time I didn’t understand but growing up it made sense. Repeating the same thing over and over and over again to make sure I had a full understanding of everything ethical and legal. But most of all he made it fun for me, something that turned into “our thing”.

 Since the first trip to Africa in 2003, my dad had promised me that he would take me back to hunt. So in 2008 my dad, my mom and I went back over there and that’s when I started my hunting career and the most expensive obsession/hobby there is – haha.

 I will forever cherish the memories my dad and I shared in the outdoors. I am forever thankful to him for introducing me to the outdoors. Being outdoors always reminds me of our memories. One of my most favorite things is just getting outside and connecting with nature. Letting your mind wonder and taking in all the wonderful sounds and smell God put on this beautiful earth!

Hope you enjoyed this short version of how I got into hunting. I plan on writing more blogs about how to get your children/wives into hunting. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email.

Happy Hunting and as always, God Bless!

Kendall Jones