South Africa Summer 2016- Part 1 Sable Hunt

Sable Hunt


A Sable has been on my bucket list since the first time I went to South Africa. It was a dream animal for me. To me, the Sable is the most beautiful and the most majestic animal in the bush. Being able to see this animal in its natural environment is incredible.  Given the opportunity to live out this hunt was a dream come true. This hunt holds a special place in my heart for a couple of reasons.


1.     The Sable has been on my bucket list since I was 8 years old.  My dad always told me I had to wait until I was older.  I was finally “old enough” and we booked the trip with Cheetau Safaris for June 2016.  I couldn’t wait to be back in Africa.


2.     My dream hunt turned out to be the hardest time of my life.  My dad didn’t get to see me harvest the coveted Sable he made me patiently wait to hunt.  He passed away January 23, 2016.  This was the first time I would have a gun in my hand and be on a hunt without him.


I’m not going to lie, we thought about cancelling.  How would I be able to get through something where every moment and memory would remind me of him?  But we knew, he would want me to go.  This trip to Africa was full of emotions, as we were expecting.  It was a passion my dad introduced me to and a bond we shared.   To not have him with me was hard. It was draining. It wasn’t the same. It was different. But after many days and passing on several opportunities, I finally felt the drive and excitement of pulling the trigger.  As I saw the perfect shot through the crosshairs and was able to stand before this beautiful animal all I could think of was my Dad smiling down on me from the best seat in the house!  I love Africa and I will go back some day.   However, I think I will put it off for a few years.  It was a hurdle I never thought I would have to cross and it still has a tender spot in my heart.  But It’s time, and I feel like I’m ready, to start to pave my own path.  I couldn’t have had a better teacher or role model.


Now, all done with the pity party, let’s get to the fun stuff! This hunt was so rewarding and truly an unforgettable experience. I met some amazing people and made some wonderful friends. I could write out everything but who likes reading….? Haha watch the video below to see the whole experience!