Hunter's Unite

I believe the hunting community lacks unity. Us “hunters,” as a whole are a tiny portion of the population and to be divided hurts us even more. Something I have noticed over the years are hunters hating on OTHER HUNTERS?! What is the point in that? I understand people have different ways of hunting, but if someone else is utilizing a different hunting technique, as long as it is legal, why hate on them? It just tears our industry apart. 


The anti’s hate it all in general. So together they will just hate on it all, but if they see hunters hating on other hunters they are winning. We need to come together and lift each other up. If you don’t agree with someone’s hunting style just don’t comment and move along. Not once has anyone said you have to do it this way. The more we come together as a whole the more people we can influence to get into the outdoors.


Some examples of what I’m talking about are- 

·     recurve bow hunters hating on compound bow hunters

·     compound bow hunters hating on rifle hunters

·     rifle hating on muzzleloader

·     tree stand hating on ground blind

·     food plot hunters hating on corn feeder hunters

·     low fence hating on high fence

the list goes on and on.


Each person has their own style of hunting and as long as it’s legal why does it bother you so much? You don’t have to agree with them or even try out their style but as long as they are in the outdoors and hunting legally, let’s all lift each other up! And don’t just assume everyone can hunt the way you do. At my ranch in Texas all we have is mesquite trees, so there is no way to hang a tree stand. Therefore, I haven’t had the option to hunt out of a tree stand as much. 


So, can we all just take a stance and uplift hunters as a whole? Let’s unite together and show the rest of the world how great being a part of the outdoors can be!


I hope that you can relate to this and choose to be a part of the change this industry needs!


Happy Hunting and as always God Bless!

Kendall Jones