Missing an Animal

Missing an animal

No one is perfect. I have had my fair share of disappointments in the field. I don’t just get mad at myself. Truth is, I get pissed at myself! Even doubting my shooting skills afterwards. I even find myself at the range building my confidence back up.

One time, I was hunting for a waterbuck. It was day 5 without seeing any animals and I was getting very discouraged about the whole hunt. Finally, a huge waterbuck came right out in front of me. I was super excited, started setting up, positioned my shooting sticks, took aim and pulled the trigger. In the rush of excitement, I got a little too trigger happy (shot too soon). It resulted in hitting the animal in the wrong spot. I was devastated. Luckily the PH I was hunting with had a backup shot and knocked it down without suffering.  The mistake left me too nervous to continue the hunt. I respect the life of each animal and the fear of wounding another was difficult to get out of my mind. I was so mad at myself and to this day I won’t claim the animal as mine. There has been many other times I have just missed an animal completely.


The moral of the story? Everyone makes mistakes in hunting so don’t be your biggest critic and put yourself down.  It’s just going to happen, at least once in someone’s hunting career. The only way to limit your chances or severity of a miss is practice, practice, practice! Plan for that excitement at the range.  Try to imagine that buck you have been waiting for all season or that 10-inch bearded Tom strutting 20 yards in front of you. See it come within range, practice trying to relax, taking aim, and slowly squeezing the trigger.


If you have missed before, I truly hope you don’t give up! I told this story to share that even those in the spotlight mess up and are not too offended to share. Get out there, practice, and get back to the outdoors!

Happy Hunting and as always God Bless!

Kendall Jones


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